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Concerned Malaysians should check whether the messages
and blogs below are true and ask other Malaysians
these things as well.

Subject: Fwd: Damai
Article extracted from

REALITY CHECK on “Damai Malaysia” Organisation –
Claiming to Represent the Silent MAJORITY:

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Read here for more on Marina Mahathir’s Blog, Rocky’s
Bru Blog and Screenshots
Marina’s Link :

Rocky’s Bru’s Link :

Screenshots Link :

Background:(Read here for more from Bernama )


Representatives of Damai Malaysia – an umbrella body
comprising 395 non-governmental organisations – handed
over to Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yesterday a
memorandum criticising the illegal street rallies. The
group of about 20 people led by Damai chairman Mohd
Saiful Adil Mohd Daud was not allowed to enter the
Royal Malaysian Air Force Subang airbase but after
waiting for the airbase authority to get back to them,
they were finally allowed to go in.

The memorandum said, “As can be seen from today’s
memorandum, the PEOPLE who remained SILENT have now
stood up to make their stand. They want peace to be

Damai (claims to) represent 1.5 million members and
its representatives include those from 75
Chinese-based and 20 Indian groups and associations.
They condemned individuals and groups who used lies
and slander against the country and asked for foreign
intervention in Malaysia’s internal affairs.

DAMAI Advisor and Bukit Bintang MCA chief Senator
Datuk Dr Lee Chong Meng said the Bersih and Hindu
Rights Action Force (Hindraf) illegal demonstrations
last month had caused tourists to cancel trips to


By Liew Chin Tong, Executive Director of the KL based
think-tank, Research for Social Advancement. Read here
for more


“…Damai Malaysia, a coalition of 395
non-governmental organizations has been initiated by
UMNO and MCA politicians in Kuala Lumpur. The
Malaysian Chinese Association (which is the second
largest ruling party in the coalition) has a candidate
in Bukit Bintang which is the heart of Kuala Lumpur,
Datuk Lee Chung Meng was one of the key people behind
this group.

It’s mainly a coalition of mostly pro-government
groups and they held a forum to denounce street
demonstrations without specifically mentioning names,
but mostly likely in response to Hindraf as well as
the Bersih coalition gathering on November 10th. I
don’t see this as a major group.
WHO is Behind “Damai Malaysia” ?
Read here for more on “MY Asylum”Blog”


So, who is Damai Malaysia, really? And for whom do
they speak? The answer to that comes via two other
online sources that Walski came across. The first, via
the Malay-centric website, provides
anecdotal evidence as to who is really behind the
coalition. The following is an excerpt:
” …the number given ( 03-40439948 ) connected to the
Office of the Peninsular Malay Students Coalition
(better known as GPMS), located in Sentul Raya, KL,
but its operator answered the call as ‘Damai Malaysia’

GPMS’s current president is Datuk Reezal Merican
Naina Merican. Link :

He also happens to be the Political Secretary to Datuk
Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi , Prime Minister of

Nice coincidence, eh?

Who is Reezal Merican Naina Merican? Read here for


Reezal Merican Naina Merican is an Indian Muslim from
Penang ( i.e. MAMAK) who had managed to bring himself
to the attention of Abdullah Badawi three years before
Khairy ever showed his face in the Jalan Bellamy

Reezal Merican (often called ‘Ustaz Reezal’) is an
IIUM graduate with a penchant for high politics and
beautiful women artistes. He was sued for divorce by
his second wife, actress Sharifah Norhaslinda.

Reezal Merican is a member of the Kepala Batas Umno
division in Penang headed by Abdullah. Read here for

Link :

When Abdullah Badawi ascended that high office, Reezal
Merican thought that his time had come. His years of
being the ‘lightning rod’ in IIUM — attracting the
ire of his fellow students who were mostly supporters
of Anwar Ibrahim — would finally pay off when
Abdullah recognises his loyalty and perseverance in
defending his image.

Reezal had hoped that Abdullah would reward him with a
suitably high post in government. In November 2003,
Reezal was made Political Secretary to the First
Finance Minister. It was not as important as being
Political Secretary to the Prime Minister himself, but
as the two posts were conjoined in the same person,
Reezal did not complain too much.

Khairy did not take this lying down though. He shot
off another official memo to Abdullah, informing him
that the IIUM graduate did not deserve the post as he
added no value to the effort to show Abdullah’s
administration as being a professional team of bright
young things.

Khairy also accused Reezal of involvement with several
young recording artists and newsreaders. The letter
found itself on Abdullah’s desk, but not before chief
private secretary Dato’ Thajudeen Abdul Wahab (no
friend of Khairy’s) had made a copy and given it to

Seething with anger, Reezal swore to eliminate Khairy
from the Abdullah circle.
That promise was made in the white heat of anger.

Eventually, Reezal realised that it was better to be
seen to support Khairy, at least for the time being.
He took a step back and allowed Khairy to go for the
UMNO Youth Vice-Chief post while he himself contested
as an ordinary EXCO member, though he had a longer
relationship with the UMNO Youth delegates.

On 15 June 2006, Reezal Merican Naina Merican wrote a
letter to Datuk Zamani Abdul Ghani, the Deputy
Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia about an amount of
USD50 billion required by Malaysia to fund its
national development.

Now, what authority does Reezal Merican Naina Merican
have in instructing the Deputy Governor of Bank
Negara? Reezal Merican is one of the ‘Tingkat Empat’
boys and the Political Secretary to the Finance
Minister, who by chance also happens to be Malaysia’s
Prime Minister.

Reezal Merican is not there because of his abilities
but because Khairy Jamaluddin, the Prime Minister’s
son-in-law, wants to keep an eye on things and Reezal
Merican plays the role of Khairy’s eyes and ears.

Reezal Merican’s job is not only to report everything
to Khairy and to be the minder for the Finance
Minister II and keep him under control, but also to
ensure that Khairy gets to read all reports and
letters before it falls onto the desk of the Finance
Minister II.

By the time any documents reach the table of the
Finance Minister II, it would already have
instructions etched on them about which project and
which contract is to be awarded to which company. In
short, the jobs are apportioned out even before the
Finance Minister II gets to see the papers. Read here
for more

Link :

Identity Crisis of Indian Muslims like Reezal Merican
Naina Merican

Something is very wrong when we have traitors in the
(Malaysian Indian) community. Read here for more.

Link :

The Indian community consists of various ethnic groups
with their roots going back to India. People from
South India are the Tamils, Telugus, Malayalees, and
those from North India are the Sikhs, Gujarathis,
Bengalis and others.

In this group there also religious groups like Indian
Muslims both from South and North India.

Religion can NEVER change your roots.

Indians in Malaysia do not have an identity problem.
(But) this identity problem is evident with the Indian

These Indian Muslims are bent on CHANGING THEIR RACE.

This is impossible. I may imitate a white man in his
talk, mannerism, food, clothing and many others but I
cannot be a white man, not even a “celup” white man.

Note: It is mischevious and highly dangerous to the
social fabric of Malaysia for Malaysian Indian
Muslims, (or any other non-ethnic Malays,) to have
passage into UMNO by presenting themselves to ethnic
Malays as ” fellow Malays”, and thereby gain political
influence as paid-up members of UMNO, to be then fully
engaged in DIVISIVE RACIAL politics against other

A reader in Malaysiakini categorised Indian Muslims
into three groups consisting of:

Link :

Indian Muslim converts

Malays with Indian ancestry

Indian-Muslim descendants of immigrants
It is evident that the bulk of the Indian Muslims in
this country come from the Indian-Muslim descendents
of immigrants.

Generally, this group is referred to in Tamil as
“thulukar” or “thulukan”. This is a misnomer, the
origin being “thrukkan” or a mussalman from Turkey.

Mamak is the Malay version.

They include:

1.President of the Federation of Peninsular Malay
Students, Datuk Reezal Merican Naina Merican

2. President of the Indian Muslim Congress Malaysia
(KIMA) Syed Ibrahim Kadir

The names Merican, Naina and Kader are very clear that
these two chaps refer to the “thrukkans” .

Other prominent Indian Muslims/” mamaks” who became
“Malays” and gained political influence in UMNO are:

Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin
Minister for Women, Family and Community Development,
Shahrizat Abdul Jalil
Second Finance Minister Nor Yakcop
Subahan Kamal
Datuk Abdul Azeez Rahim
Dr. Zamri
Related Article

From Malaysia-Today (March 2006). Read here for more
Link :

“… The Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma)
decided that it will affiliate itself with Umno, after
having failed to get admitted into the Barisan
Nasional coalition over the last 28 years. Its
president, Amir Amsaa Alla Pitchay, said a memorandum
on the matter would be forwarded to Umno
secretary-general Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad .

Amir Amsaa said that since Kimma was formed in 1976,
the party, which represented 80,000 Indian Muslims in
the country, had been a staunch supporter of the BN
government led by Umno.

Asked why Kimma wanted to affiliate with UMNO and not
the MIC or other Indian parties, its deputy president
Kamal Batcha said: ‘ The issue here is one of
From Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin blog (September 2005):
Read here for more
Link :

“…The Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma)
passed a motion seeking the Government to give Malay
status to Indian Muslims born in the country .

In the eight-point motion, passed at its 30th annual
general meeting, Kimma cited provisions in the Federal
Constitution, which stated that a Muslim who could
speak Bahasa Malaysia and practise the Malay culture
was regarded a Malay.

The contents of the motion, among others, stated: “The
Indian Muslims adopt the three elements but still
cannot get the Malay status. If there is a problem in
doing so, at least give the bumiputra status as is
being done for the Portuguese”.

The motion was handed to the Prime Minister’s
political secretary Datuk Othman Desa who opened the

Kimma is also asking for a special quota for the
Indian Muslims in the allocation of low-cost houses,
places in public institutions of higher learning,
scholarships and employment opportunities . It also
wants two of its members to be appointed as senators.

On the political side, the congress also passed a
motion to apply to become a member of the Barisan
Nasional coalition and would gladly accept to become a
coalition party in Umno.

Kimma advisor Thasleem Mohd Ibrahim said that although
the Indian Muslims could be Umno members, many were
not keen because they wanted to maintain their culture
and mother tongue.

He said the Indian Muslims played an important role in
the setting up of MIC but left the party when the
religious element seeped in.

He added that there was a great difference in the
historical background of the Indian Muslims and the
Indians who came to work as labourers despite them
speaking Tamil and were from Tamil Nadu in India…..”


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